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What we are about

Cologne Waiters is a full-service event company providing you with everything you need to make your event a success!


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What We Do


Whether you´re planning a small private party or a large corporate function, trade show, fair, exhibition or convention, we will assist you in tailoring your event based on your individual requirements.


Cologne Waiters specialize in providing you reliable and professional event staff for your cocktail and catering events, promotional and marketing campaigns, brand activation and product launches, trade shows and exhibitions, gallery exhibits, fashion shows, charity events as well as your private parties and events in major cities in Germany.

We provide service in Cologne, Bonn, Aachen, Leverkusen and most major cities in Germany.



What We Are About


Our Mission:


To deliver the highest quality service in all events we serve.


  • What We Stand For: We value you as a customer and as such, we will make sure that serving your event, can provide you results beyond your expectations.


  • Our Commitment to You: From initial contact to the conclusion of your event, you will know (and feel) we are right by your side.


  • Our Professionalism: From showing up on time in proper attire to executing our services and providing customer service to your guests, our staff are dedicated to do their jobs with promptness and accuracy.


  • We work as Team: There´s no such thing as a difficult job. Whether we´re serving 50 or 5,000 guests, we will efficiently perform all the tasks required through proper team coordination, task assignment and task ownership and we will get the job done.


Our Vision:


Cologne Waiters aim to provide you a worry-free approach in meeting your event goals.


Let us implement the best solution for the success of your event!


We will work with you from planning and conceptualizing, to executing the perfect event for you!